Tuesday, June 9, 2015


    You know, I was thinking, it's kind of funny because ya'll kind of only see little bits of my life. I post about stuff and then months go by and it's not like my life stops, you know? But it would take too much time to try to cover everything that's happened so I just jump in with where I'm at. And where I'm at right now is....dun da dun da da....SUMMER BREAK!!!!! Yay!!! (Obligatory happy dance and *mental* cartwheels...since I can't actually do them...) Although technically the word "break" seems kind of inaccurate to describe my still very busy life and schedule. But aside from that....
Plans for the summer.....

1. Summer job = hanging out with two hilarious and awesome boys all day and playing with them. This is pretty much the best summer job possible IMHO. We made an awesome summer bucket list of fun stuff to do and basically this gives me an excuse to be a kid all summer = what I was going to do anyway...:)

2. Swimming = lots of major goals for the summer so I'm pretty much planning on working my butt off both at practice, on my own, and with dryland stuff. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish this summer!

3. Piano-ing = lots of practice and lessons and tons of pieces to learn! I want to have a solid grip on my rep for my solo recital next year plus learn this duo and trio which I'm rehearsing and performing in the fall.

4. Summer funness with my amazing friends! :D We have our own list of exciting ideas to try this summer!!

5. Other random fun stuff/ projects/ goals = my own bucket list of random stuff to see and do and experience this summer! 

My sister and I at the end of a hike on Paris Mountain this Sunday

Here's to an AMAZING summer!!!!!!


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