Sunday, September 9, 2012

24 hours

No, I'm not dead. I know that is a shock, seeing as I haven't posted in a million years, but actually it is true. It's just called My.Life. Which is to say, my very crazy, super busy, hectic, exhausting life where there is not much time for such pastimes like blogging. This is very unfortunate though because I have actually been thinking like a blogger and wanting to blog! I have written so many amazing blog post in my mind, you would not even believe their awesomeness. Sadly they just never made it here.

For the past 24 hours, I have been spending time with my family at Hilton Head Island. They get to enjoy it for a whole week but sadly 24 hours was all I could squeeze out. I came Saturday night after spending the morning and afternoon practicing. It is bad enough I have to miss Sunday - I couldn't afford to miss Saturday too. Oh, the joys of being a pianist. I have to leave tonight to get back to the daily grind of all my multiple jobs and hours and hours of practicing and whatever else it is that I do each day. The little bit of time I have been able to be here has been fabulous though! We went to the Crazy Crab last night for dinner, which was Delish. I LOVE, love, Love the Crazy Crab!! We have gone there for years whenever we come to HHI, and it holds so many memories. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is super cool with a huge fish tank and a sea diver and whatnot. Today we spent at the beach which was incredible. The waves are so much better here than at SSI. Mom and I took a couple walks and I took a couple naps on the beach and just chillaxed and soaked up sun. Before we went, I went on a walk/run for about an hour. It makes me proud just to get it in.

After I eat some delicious hamburgers with my incredible family (plus Maddie and Dianna which are basically like extensions of my family), I will head back. Fortunately it is short drive. I am about to research the closest Starbucks so a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a White Peppermint Mocha can keep me company on the way back.

What is your favorite vacationing spot? Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

I am a beach babe all the way!! :)

What is your favorite fall drink?