Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life Lately and the Hiatus of the Warming Season

I know I have disappeared from the blogging scene for a while now. Life just seems to whirl faster, and faster. My life consists of: practicing, teaching all day, practicing, teaching my six piano students, practicing, exercising, practicing, driving to Macon for my piano lesson on Saturdays, practicing, going to church on Sundays (Sun. morning = job as church pianist), practicing. Get the picture? Seriously, though, piano is so time-consuming it does not leave much time for anything else. Especially when I also have a full time job and some part time jobs.

Highlights from the last few months have included: a visit from Abby, getting accepted into Brevard's summer music institute, Spirit week at school, and general random awesomeness like finally watching Phantom of the Opera (with Abby) which I LOVED, going out to dinner with the fam, and a day off from school to visit the ever delightful beach.

And now....drum roll is ....SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, I have big plans....not of places to go but of to-do lists, projects, and things I always want to have time for but never do.

Plan for Spring Break:

1. LOTS of piano practice
           I plan to practice pretty much all day (think 8 hours) during Spring break. I have a lot to get done - repertoire to learn and perfect for a concert I'm giving at the end of April and repertoire to learn for grad school auditions in the fall. I'm hoping to accomplish a lot while I have some extra time to practice. (And, no, this is not excessive. Many people with the same goals I have practice 8 hours on school days and practice 10-12 hours on weekends and breaks. It just takes a LOT of time, hard work, and dedication to be a top-notch pianist. Think Olympic athlete.)

In the time that is left....

2. Fresh air and exercise
      Beach, long walks, bike rides to the Marina. Maybe some dancing and Zumba...

3. Random projects: get my hair cut, get Sofi's hair cut, go to the bank, my taxes, help Kristi with wedding prep, make and mail shower invitations, wash and vacuum my car, etc., etc.

4. Awesome times of funness such with the fam, movies, TV shows, shopping, crafts, and laughing hysterically with Hannah

Yes. So those are my plans. I never really seem to have time for all that I have planned BUT there is always a first time for everything!! To the best Spring Break EVER and finally doing everything on my list!!!!!! <3