Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i am a person

I know, I know - it seems like an oxi-moron, doesn't it? But sometimes between work, school, piano, working out, family, etc., etc,. etc., it doesn't really seem like I have time to just be a person! To do the things I enjoy, lay around, act goofy - enjoy the life God has given me. If you all thought I had dropped off the face of the planet these last few months, you were just about right! If I didn't have time to be a person, I certainly didn't have time to blog. But, April has finally rolled around and with it, one of the most blessed inventions known to man - SPRING BREAK!!! Whenever I think about the struggles of being a teacher, I remember that five letter word - break - and the four different wonderful ways it presents itself throughout the year - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, and Summer, and suddenly, teaching takes on a whole new meaning! : P Anyway, because of this wonderful thing known as Spring Break, I am finally able to be a person again! (And it's a lot of fun BTW! : )
Friday and Saturday I spent lying around and watching TV and doing basically as little as possible. Sunday after church was over, we had a wonderful and very competitive Wii tournament. Below are some pics from the game:

Then Monday we took a family trip (at least most of the the family) to the aviation mueseum in Warner Robbins. It was a lot of fun. I shocked the little ones by declaring that my favorite part was climbing inside the plane simulators they had there. I really didn't understand their surprise as everyone know that I am really a kid posing as a grownup! :) Actually, my favorite part was later on when we stopped at an outdoor shopping mall, complete with Ann Taylor, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Gap to name a few. Hannah and I browsed for a little while and then sought out the starbucks coffee inside of Barnes and Noble. In all seriousness, though, the aviation museum was pretty neat.