Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This picture depicts my sentiments on Daylight Savings Time exactly. I love the evening being longer and all but I just think they should pick 1 time and stick with it. It messes up your head and body and clocks and life too much to have it switching back and forth. And let's face it, the days are going to grow longer and shorter naturally, so why do we need to tamper with it? I don't really think it helps anything and it sure has made me COMPLETELY exhausted!! (or maybe that is just my inhumane schedule...who knows??)
Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth! (And just in case you're wondering, I know a lot of people who agree! Just read facebook the week after the time changes!)

So, on a more positive note, it looks like we have finally found a house that everything is actually going to work out with for us to buy, so we will be moving in just a couple weeks! Pretty exciting! (well, and stressful and a wee bit sad because I love the house and neighborhood we are in now but let's just focus on the positives...) I haven't actually seen the house except in pictures but it has a place for me to practice and a place for me to sleep, so what more do I need? :) I haven't actually seen the last 3 houses before we moved into them, so I guess it is in keeping with the tradition.

A week and a half til Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!! But who's counting?? ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A June Bride

The BIG news for this week is that my little Jophers is engaged!! FINALLY! :) I will be so happy to officially have Abby as a member of our family. She is already a sister and dear, dear friend, so this will just be making it all official. The date is set for June, and you know what they say "When you marry in June, you're a bride, all your life...." (Song from the Musical Seven brides for Seven brothers). Ever since I saw that musical and that song with all of the girls twirling around in their pantaloons and singing dreamily of their wedding day, I have always wanted to be a June bride. So, it just makes it even better that Joe's and Abby's wedding will be in that felicitious month so perfectly suited to all things matrimonial. Seriously, though I am so happy for them and look forward to their wedding with great excitement and anticipation!! :D

If you want to see the song that I am talking about, check this out: