Sunday, January 25, 2015

Of Mistletoe and New Beginnings and Ordinary Happenings

Yeah. So um I've been meaning to blog ever since some time before Christmas. By now ya'll know how it goes for me....I plan all kinds of awesome posts IN MY MIND....and yeah then they stop there. Excuses for why this happens:

1. I am constantly on the go with a million and one things to do every.single.minute.
2. If I am ever not on the go, I am asleep.
3. In the rare moments that I am not busy or asleep, I want to be lazy and do something mindless like scroll through Facebook or something. (Actually it is a good thing that I have Facebook on my phone. Otherwise I would probably never get on there either. Or is that a bad thing....Hmmm I'll get back to you on that one.)

OK so now that we got that out of the way....down to the substance of this post - which is actually hard to ascertain. See, at first I was going to write a post about Christmas but now that's just so last year (See what I did there??). But it seems a shame to ignore it completely when it was so nice and all. So then I was going to write a post about the New Year and how awesome it is to see it all stretched out before you with all kinds of amazing possibilities.,,,,and no mistakes in it yet (kind of like what  Anne of Green Gables said). But now that was rather a long time ago and a lot of life has happened since then. So I decided to kind of smush all of those topics together into one Goulash kind of a blog post. So here goes....

First of all....Christmas. It can be described in two words - Awesome and Microscopic. In other words, it was super amazing and I had so much fun with my family but it felt like it was about three hours instead of three weeks. I was not ready to leave them. Sniff. It was so fun to have everyone together though and lots of baking and eating and laughing and movies and general Ours family craziness  awesomeness happened. And I got a swim bag which was pretty much so happy. I get great enjoyment out of using it every day. #itsthelittlethings Some people including me got sick which was kind of a bummer so we won't spend time talking about that.

Second of all.....New Years. Well, actually I was sick for New Years so yeah....BUT not so sick that my brain couldn't dream and plan and be filled with all kinds of inspiring thoughts. Plus, since I was sick, I took the time to read three books I had been wanting to read: No Limits by Michael Phelps, Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, and Staying Focused by Noelle Pikus Pace. Three amazing books about three spectacular people who achieved amazing things in their respective fields and overcame all kinds of obstacles. I want to do something extraordinary with my life. Or maybe many extraordinary things! I don't want to settle for average though that is for sure. I don't know exactly what God has for me but I don't want to waste any opportunities or let any obstacles stand in my way! I love the start of brand new years because they are a great time to remind myself of all I want to accomplish and thank God for the achievements of the past year. Time keeps flying by faster than ever which just makes me more determined than ever to make the absolute most out of each day!

Third of all....Life in general. January is probably not my most favorite month in the world because it's kind of a let down after all of the excitement of Christmas. But, I have so very much to be thankful for and lots to keep me busy, so I try to focus on that. Piano, school, swimming, church, friends....makes for a very full life!! There is a swim meet coming up next weekend so that is pretty much super exciting and terrifying, I am preparing for my graduate chamber ensemble recital in March which is also super exciting and terrifying and Jan term is coming to a close very quickly (4 credit hours in 4 weeks? Like a boss baby!) which is also rather terrifying in a way because I have to get those last assignments finished haha and exciting as we start spring term.

Yep so how is that for a nutshell super fast synopsis of my life these past few weeks? I technically probably should upload some pics but I'm feeling kinda lazy and plus I really need to get to bed! Yeah you heard that right....yeah it's only 9:30ish but I found out that I have to try to get a little bit of sleep if I want to give 100 percent to my swim and piano practice. It's kind of a bummer seeing as I have way too many interesting things to do to sleep. But yearh I'm trying. And 4:00 am does come awfully quickly! :0

Best wishes to all of you as you try to live out your New Year's resolutions!  Don't give up when the going gets tough! You can do it!! :)


"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time>"

Thomas Edison