Thursday, May 15, 2014


World's Worst Blogger Award. Yep. I think I've won. It has been more than a YEAR since my last post. SMH. Actually I DO write lots of my MIND. It is just getting them actually typed out and published that I need to work on. I wish someone would invent a device that hooks up to your mind and copies down the information that you want it to. That way I could be driving or cleaning or whatever and get my blog posts written, journal entries completed, lists compiled, why I could probably even find time to write a book! So, Geniuses - I'm going to need you to get on that. You could be RICH! And famous. Just give me a little credit and 62.3% of your profits for coming up with the idea.

Sooooooo....a lot has happened since my last post and it is simply too overwhelming to try to catch you all up, so you're just going to have to try to guess from various comments and stories and newsy bits what may or may not have transpired in the past few months (aka Years!). 2 Items of Interest I will tell you now though:

1. I'm going to Converse College in Spartanburg, SC in August to pursue my MM in piano performance


2. I'm going to Brevard Music Festival this summer.

I am VERY excited about both of these developments!! :D

I leave June 8th for Brevard which means I have three weeks, 2 days, and some hours (and a few minutes) left at home. There is so much I want to do and need to do in that amount of time that it makes my head spin!! And I plan to enjoy every minute of it! :D

Random funny moment of the day: My little sister came up to my Mom, gave her a hug and said very sleepily and confidingly, "Mom, thank you so much for hatching me and not letting me die in your stomach!" Bahahahahahahaha Little siblings are so funny. I am still laughing over that one!

I want to start posting regularly again BUT I am not making any promises!