Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mama Debbie's Daily Doins

This has been a pretty ordinary week. Well - except for the day OFF on Monday!! Woot woot! That was nice and rather Un-ordinary. But, as far as what has gone on - nothing earth shattering has really happened. I spent my day off practicing (I know you are all SO shocked right now) and the rest of the week has been full of, well, you know, practicing, working, teaching, etc. I did make some interesting discoveries this week though.

1. Juicing is a GREAT way to get energy!!! My sister gave my mom a juicer for Christmas, but we have really just now been using it. I stick carrots, apples, oranges, spinach, celery, strawberries, a little lemon or lime - basically just whatever fruits or veggies we have - in there and Presto! out comes my daily serving of health! (Little note though - NEVER juice bananas or avocados. My mom has made it clear it will RUIN the juicer. Just a little tip - at no extra charge! :) Seriously, it is an easy way to get your vegetable and fruit servings and it gives you a big boost of energy! I am trying to have a glass or two every day.

2. Spotify really is as amazing as every one says. I don't know why, but I never really got into it. The other day, I finally for real tried it and the verdict is it is the best thing to happen to recorded music since...well...maybe ever! I know that you all already realized that a long time ago, but just rejoice with me anyway! :)

3. I am NEVER going to have enough time for all things I need and want to do. Oh wait. I already knew that....

Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. - In case you are wondering about the is from a Good Luck Charlie show in which Amy starts a Mommy blog and competes with Debbie Dooley on having the best blog. It is the title of Debbie Dooley's blog which Amy makes fun of. I just threw it in there for the randomness and curiosity-inducing factor....

Friday, February 15, 2013

And the Greatest of These is...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I hope your day was fabulous and filled with chocolate, friends, family, flowers, and fun!! I love Valentine's Day for several reasons:

1. My Dad always gives us each one of those heart shaped boxes of chocolates.

2. My students always give me lots of sweet valentines and candy and make me feel so loved!

3. My mom always makes us a special dinner and decorates the house and table pretty.

4. It is a great excuse to eat extra chocolate and candy that I might normally feel guilty for eating. There is no guilt on Valentine's Day! ;)

5. It is a great chance for me to do something special for the people I love.

And on that note, this Valentine's Day, I got up at early  to make cupcakes and valentines for the special people in my life - well, not technically ALL of them - just a few of the local representatives!

Then it was off to school and then to Macon for a piano lesson. Tonight we are having some friends over and having our special family Valentine's Dinner. Italian = YUM!!

While all of the goodies and cute cards are nice, I also like to remember that Valentine's is a great time to celebrate not only my love for my family and friends and their love for me - but how much God loves me. I was thinking the other day that sometimes I feel like I constantly have to earn others' love and that I am constantly in danger of losing it if I don't measure up. Now, this may not always be true, but we all have friends who we thought would love us forever but who for whatever reason have now rejected us or are angry with us or have somehow stopped loving us. BUT, then I was thinking how we don't have to do anything to get God's love. He loves us unconditionally even if we never love Him back. Even when we mess up over and over again, all we have to do is claim Jesus' blood and He sees us as perfect and spotless - covered in Jesus' righteousness. He never stops loving us and there is nothing we can do or not do to make Him love us more. Now, if you ask me, THAT is something worth celebrating!